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Video diary installation with youtube videos

January 22, 2012

Culture, London, Visual culture

Chicago-based visual artist Christopher Baker’s video installation ‘Hello world! or: How i learned to stop listening and love the noise’ [...]

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Recreated money designs in online gallery of The Guardian

January 10, 2012

Culture, People, Visual culture

In conjunction with the great criticism on the finance world and the occupy protests the newspaper The Guardian has asked [...]

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The first striking concept for purchasing digital art

January 9, 2012

Culture, Platforms, Visual culture

Ever wanted to own a Hirst? You can now get one on The marketplace is a revolutionary new way [...]

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Aviation pioneer

December 20, 2011

Culture, Visual culture

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Florin Mitroi

November 11, 2011

Culture, Visual culture

In his life, Florin Mitroi (1938-2002) had only one solo exhibition, in 1992 (Catacomba Gallery, Bucharest). And he retracted, spurned [...]

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Time Bank: traders without money

October 4, 2011

Culture, Visual culture

Time banking is not barter. Barter economies have been in practice throughout history, but the idea of using time as [...]

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