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The Silicon Valley & San Francisco TrendSafari 11-15th of June 2016

TS San Fran

TS San Fran 2


I – the culture of innovation

Many major trends of the recent decades have been coming from Silicon Valley. Almost every area of life and business segment seems to be changing through new technologies. What is changing there right now, what does this mean for established companies and how can innovation be part of the corporate culture? Is is about the injection of innovative impulse or a structural challenge? Especially the big players are facing this question day-by-day. TrendSafari provides insights, face-to-face access and know-how sharing to explore potential answers to these questions. We visit the great ‘disruptors’ of the first wave of digitalization, like google, facebook and twitter, but also meet with new and uprising players. What counts for all of them: without a culture of innovation, you will be stuck in ‘today’ and tomorrow’s success remains a long way off.


II – the next digital wave

After the first wave of UBERization, the role of business, employees and customers seem to have shifted fundamentally. After e-commerce, it is now rather the upcoming e-services that are changing our lives. Technology creates new micro economies – today, each apartment owner is potentially also a small hotelier. There are enough ideas and business models around – the tough question is how to create scalable businesses that create long-term value? And who is valueable for your brand? Clear solutions do not exist, but scenarios and certain drivers and patterns of success can already be explored.

This Trendsafari is delivered by Sasserath Munzinger Plus Berlin and Leading Culture Destinations London