TrendSafari – transformation through experience


1. Who, what, where are you?

I am what I do – a creative mind, telling stories in spaces and coming up with concepts for unforgettable experiences! In other words creative/art directing events, exhibits, shows with a fashion focus and a strong concept narrative. The most recent example of ‘what’ would be the ‘Estonian Ministry of Creative Affairs’ (EMoCA), an award-winning showcase concept for International Fashion Showcase during LFW, which tied together designers works in a different, multidisciplinary experience format including fashion film, soundscapes, set design and events.

Originally from Tallinn and previously living in New York, I’m now based in London and about to graduate from Central Saint Martins MA course for Narrative Environments.


2. Who or what inspires you most – and why?

The magic of life around me in the widest sense – everything fantastical, sensory, often surreal and conceptual, accompanied by music. The stories behind things and the talented people passionate about creating them.


3. What was the last innovation to blow your mind?

With the Estonian sound producer mrds we used an experimental program to create a soundscape for the live performance at the EMoCA and the fashion film ‘After Beyond‘ – taking visual stills from the film and drawing shapes and patterns onto them, resulting in the visual pixel densities translating into electronic sounds. The process was really interesting and in the end mixing it with live cello resulted in an very cool soundscape.


4. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

For creating amazing fashion show experiences Bureau Betak, for fashion film and interactives ShowStudio, along with creating amazing conceptual brand experiences with talented designers and brands.


5. Which artist(s) or creative(s) do you tip for big things in the near future?

Everyone from the Narrative Environments course MA at Central Saint Martins graduating this summer! Because it’s all about experience design nowadays, and having a structured narrative methology in designing these experiences is really the future for branding and concept design.


6. Which are the five coolest cities in the near future for you?

London, Tallinn, New York, Barcelona, Berlin


7. What are your three favourite hangouts?

Around East London galleries, little cafes and markets; my country-house by the sea in Estonia; Barcelona has the best combination of sun, great food & wine culture.


8. What does luxury mean to you?

Creativity as a lifestyle, appreciating all your senses and being in love with exploring the world. A balance between mind and body, work and fun, being able to do what I love and get amazing experiences.


9. What keeps you up at night?

Finishing my MA degree projects for CSM. Music, coffee, ideas. Also currently organising The next big party in CSM on April 26, as a teaser event for the Narrative Environments final show. It will be a creative wonderland of installations, performances and exciting interactions topped off with live bands and dj-s, visual projections, drinks and plenty of fun. Great opportunity to come, see the new building and have an amazing time. Look out for more info soon!


10. What are your three favourite digital sites/apps?

Google! SoundCloud, ShowStudio website


11. How do you collect and share your inspirations?

Being curious and going around as much as possible to galleries and events. I love collecting magazines and newspapers, the old-school way of cutting and pasting collages. Lots of Google image search and I finally started using Pinterest, which is great for sharing inspirations.


12. Please share your three current favourite tracks.

Vaal – Mask

Ajukaja feat. Maria Minerva – Nii hea

All by The Venus Bushfires – after her live performance during Love is The Law magazine event for EMoCA I was blown away by the ethereal sound journey!