TrendSafari – transformation through experience


1. Who, what, where are you?

Where I am? That is probably the easiest question of the three to answer. Currently writing from my home office in Chelsea, in London. Who or what I am is a little more difficult. I would say I am a cosmopolitan woman who loves the hustle and bustle of city life, but equally loves retreating near the beach. I want to have my voice heard in fashion, so I created the fashion and lifestyle platform Likette to bring together people from around the world who care about themselves, about their health, others and are curious as to how others dress.


3. Who or what inspires you most – and why?

It might sound a little cliché, but inspiring people really do inspire me. People who are aware of themselves, of what they do and where they want to go. I feel like opening up my mind to listen to those around me helps me look at things in a different light, for example, I love listening to people’s backgrounds and opinions on things. When it comes to fashion, of course I am inspired by well dressed people who don’t just look their best but are charismatic and elude creativity.


3. What was the last innovation to blow your mind?

There are quite a few things that came on the market that took off so well, and you think how on earth it could take so long to come up with something “easy” as such. Skype or Instagram are just an example of this, (and two programs which are so beneficial to me).


4. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Likette is going to be a lifestyle guide for the young and strong women. If I could collaborate with someone right now, my ideal strong woman would be Carine Roitfeld.


5. Which artist(s) or creative(s) do you tip for big things in the near future?

My friend Talia Shuvalov who is originally from Sydney, but based in New York now is definitely a fashion designer to look out for. The drive and effort she put into her work will pay off really soon I believe. She has a style which is unique to her, and new to the fashion world.


6. What do you think will be the five coolest cities, of the near future?

In alphabetical order: Berlin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Rio and Sydney.


7. What are your three favourite hangouts?

I haven’t spent much time in London over the last few months, but whenever I get the chance I love to go to Jaks for a Tiramisu in the afternoon, the Arts club for dinner or drinks. Above all, I love hanging out with my friends at home.


8. What does luxury mean to you?

The meaning of luxury has changed for me as I’ve grown up. When I was fifteen, luxury to me was a cool handbag with a big brand logo on it. The bigger the logo the better I thought. Now I see luxury as a combination of health, happiness, balance and unfortunately (but undeniably) financial stability.


9. What keeps you up at night?

I generally tend to overthink things and get worried if things don’t work out right straight away. Working on the launch of Likette, definitly keeps me up at night and has me turning over from one side to another for hours. There were times where I got up at the middle of the night to get some more things done that bothered me, but I’ve realised the importance of sleep is beyond everything, so I try to get into a sleeping ritual.


10. What are your three favourite digital sites / apps?

The sites I use most often are Instagram, Net-A-Porter and Women’s Wear Daily. These three give me the best combination of what’s happening in the fashion business industry, but also around the world. People sharing their personal style is really interesting to me.


11. How do you collect and share your inspirations?

I probably don’t do it in the most fashionable and modern way. I keep screenshots of all the things that inspire me, rip out magazine parts and file them according to different subjects or I do excel files and keep info there such as interesting websites or brands…


12. Share your three current favourite tracks.

My most heard songs at the moment, after a long summer, are La Ritournelle by Sebastian Tellier, Crazy by Pete Tong and Hypnotized by Grossstadtmaerchen.